WABCO OptiDrive

WABCO OptiDrive's high degree of modularity significantly reduces the development time required for application to transmission and vehicle platforms, enabling faster time to market for vehicle and transmission manufacturers.

Depending on the driver’s preference, WABCO’s OptiDrive can change gears in full automatic mode or as initiated by the driver. By optimizing the gear shifting process, OptiDrive improves vehicle control and enhances comfort. It also significantly contributes to lower average fuel consumption by shifting at the most effective speed, a major cost saving over the vehicle’s lifetime.

In addition, OptiDrive will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of a vehicle as more accurately controlled shifting operations result in less wear among components. Compared with a manual transmission, OptiDrive requires less driver training as it further simplifies vehicle operation, resulting in increased driver awareness for traffic conditions and improved road safety.


  •  Smart modular system design for transmissions easily adaptable from 5 to 16 speeds
  •  Minimized space requirements at gearbox
  •  Central control unit included in cabin mounted shift lever unit
  •  Pneumatic shift and clutch actuators
  •  Easily adaptable to existing trucks and transmissions
  •  Reliable design based on long experience
  •  Development and testing according to state-of-the-art specifications
  •  Full functionality including software for plug and play approach